Loft v3 is here!

Enabling self-service virtual clusters at scale and deeper GitOps integrations.

Scale Your Kubernetes Infrastructure Efficiently

Development Environments

Enable Self-Service Kubernetes Environments

Boost developer velocity with self-service Kubernetes environments. 

  • Spin up virtual clusters in seconds
  • Save cost with automatic sleep mode
  • Define preconfigured environment templates
Chad Prey
Developer Experience Team Lead

"Loft unlocks a great developer experience for anyone having to develop against Kubernetes as a deployment target."

Virtual Clusters For CI

Spin Up Ephemeral Clusters For Each Pull-Request

Virtual clusters allow you to spin up and tear down Kubernetes environments in seconds rather than hours. Stand up previews, run test suites and get to production faster with environments so robust, your developers might not know it’s not a real cluster.

  • No more waiting for until the shared staging environment is available
  • Save cost with lightweight virtual clusters for tests
  • Ensure test reproducibility with virtual cluster templates
Darren Shepherd
CTO @ Acorn, prev. CTO @ Rancher

"In the long run it will probably be easier to manage virtual clusters than try to make big secure ones. Plus devs like quick access to clusters they can fully control."

Production & Multi-tenancy

Consolidate Workloads Into Fewer Multi-Tenant Clusters

Achieve Kubernetes multi-tenancy with virtual clusters to securely isolate tenant workloads.

  • Ensure reliable tenant isolation and strict security boundaries
  • Save 40% cost compared to separate clusters
  • Simplify cluster operations by sharing a consolidated platform stack
Robert D’Ippolito
Manager, Dev Enablement Engineering

"Virtual clusters in Loft seem like a game-changer because they allow us to provision entire clusters as needed with far less management overhead."

Unlock Kubernetes Efficiency With Loft

We’re making it simple for you to understand the basic principle of our products

Save 70% Cost For
Pre-Production Workloads

Sleep mode puts your idle workloads to sleep automatically when nobody is using them. It also wakes them up once anyone needs them.

Setup Multi-Tenancy For Kubernetes Clusters Without The Hassle

Whether you need to isolate CI/CD or dev environments for developers or you need to host isolated instances of your managed product, vclusters provide a high level of isolation.

Improve Engineering Velocity And Developer Productivity

Loft lets engineers create new namespaces and virtual clusters directly from the terminal of their IDE, immediately retrieve a local kube-context, and start interacting with their Kubernetes environments.

How It Works


Deploy Loft In Seconds

Loft can be installed into any Kubernetes cluster within less than 5 minutes.

Key Features:


to let you retain full control over everything

High Availability Mode

to prevent single point of failure

Air-Gapped & VPC Support

for enterprise grade deployments


Connect Cluster

While Loft itself runs in one of your clusters, you can also connect other clusters to Loft to support multiple business units or teams in different geographical locations.

Key Features:

Multi-Cluster & Multi-Cloud

to let you retain full control over everything

Multi-Region Mode

to prevent roundtrips and reduce latency

Cross-Cluster Sync

for security policies, users and more


Define Virtual Cluster Templates

To enable self-service for users, platform engineers can define virtual cluster and namespace templates in Loft and can make them available to users.

Key Features:

Reusable Templates

for virtual clusters and namespaces

High Availability Mode

to enable risk-free upgrades and easy rollbacks

Auto Upgrades

to keep virtual clusters and namespaces always up-to-date


Connect SSO + Set Limits

After connecting your single sign-on provider, you can define which groups from your SSO provider will have certain limits and permissions in Loft.

Key Features:

Built-in SSO Integrations

such as Active Directory, SAML2.0, OIDC, Okta, GitHub, GitLab, etc.


to automatically create teams in Loft based on your SSO groups

Fine-granular Access Permissions and Limits

that tie back to regular Kubernetes RBAC

Enable Self-Service
For Any Use Case

Let your engineering teams provision Kubernetes clusters on-demand, whenever they need them. And rest assured that Loft will set up and enforce the security guardrails and user limits you defined.

Key Features:


to group permissions, clusters, and users


to empower user self-service

Enterprise-Grade Audit Logging

to ensure compliance and security at scale


Ready to get started with Loft?

Install Loft to your Kubernetes cluster to unlock self-service environment provisioning and virtual clusters for your engineering team.