Virtualizing Kubernetes To Increase Efficiency

Loft is building the next generation virtualization layer for the cloud, virtual Kubernetes clusters.

Our mission

Making Kubernetes ubiquitous - so anyone can provision a cluster whenever they need it.

We are virtualizing Kubernetes just like a number of successful tech companies before us have virtualized physical hardware to make new infrastructure paradigms such as "the cloud" possible.

With our virtual cluster technology, Kubernetes clusters become so lightweight, so fast to spin up and so cheap to operate that our customers can allow anyone in their organization to create Kubernetes clusters on-demand whenever they need them and on top of any underlying cloud infrastructure.

Loft - Core Values

We are remote first company that is deeply rooted in and commited to open source.

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We aim for high-qualify output while making sure that we are pragmatic and lean during execution.


Whenever we start something, we strive to exceed expectations.


We are committed to delivering the best technology to our open-source community and to our loyal customer base.


We don't shy away from new ideas or unconventional approaches and we embrace diversity in every aspects of our work.

Our Team

Ahmed Mohamed
IT & Security Manager
Irshad Ahmed Mohammed
Support Engineer
Rashi Chaubal
Support Engineer
Dada Gore
Support Engineer
Saiyam Pathak
Principal Developer Advocate
Ricardo Weir
Senior Software Engineer
Nageye Rascid
Strategic Account Executive
Jan Baraniewski
Staff Software Engineer
Ryan Swanson
Senior Software Engineer
Maksim Lobanov
Web Developer
Jessica Maas
Senior Account Executive
Lindsey Bettiga
General Counsel
Eric Jordan
Senior Web Designer
Chris Kuech
Senior Account Executive
Michael Petersen
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
Ishan Khare
Senior Software Engineer
Pascal Breuninger
Technical Team Lead
Fabian Kramm
Joyce Zhang
Heiko Braun
Director of Engineering
Kurt Madel
Sr. Solutions Architect
Jérémy Facchetti
Software Engineer
Rohan Joseph
Senior Software Engineer
Russell Centanni
Senior Software Engineer
Alexandru Tirim
Senior Frontend Engineer
Daniel Thiry
Chief of Staff
Adi Ron
UX/UI Designer
Oleg Matskiv
Technical Account Manager
Diaa Khalil
Senior Account Executive
Dan Miller
VP of Sales
Thomas Kosiewski
Senior Software Engineer
Rahul Patwardhan
Senior Director of Demand Generation
Hrittik Roy
Platform Advocate
Sachin Lobo
Software Engineer
Ashish Mishra
Event & Community Manager
Cliff Malmborg
Director of Product Marketing
Denise Schannon
VP of Engineering
Hannah Moreno
Growth Marketing Manager
Johannes Frey
Senior Software Engineer
David Bitton
Product Manager
Peixiaoyu Yu
Product Designer
Lukas Gentele

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